table of contents of the IIS:IIPWM04 conference proceedings - a pdf file

The following papers are to be published in the conference proceedings (in the Springer Verlag Series on Advances in Soft Computing):

I. Regular Sessions: Machine Learning, Machine Discovery and Data Mining

Mining Spatial Association Rules , Robert Bembenik and Grzegorz Protaziuk
Modeling of the Form of Heliosphere and its Role on the Annual Variations of Galactic Cosmic Rays , Tengiz B. Botchorishvili and Marina Nebieridze
ADX Algorithm: a brief description of a rule based classifier , Michał Dramiński
Query Selectivity Estimation via Data Mining , Jarek Gryz and Dongming Liang
Exploiting sensitivity analysis in Bayesian networks for customer satisfaction study , Waldemar Jaroński and Josée Bloemer and Koen Vanhoof and Geert Wets
On Admissible Substitutions in Classical and Intuitionistic Sequent Logics , Alexander Lyaletski
On Learning of Sunspot Classification , Trung Thanh Nguyen and Claire P. Willis and Derek J. Paddon and Hung Son Nguyen
Testing microarray analysis methods with semi-synthetic data , Michał Okoniewski and Bart Naudts
A new algorithm to build consolidated trees: study of the error rate and steadiness , Jesus Maria Pérez and Javier Muguerza and Olatz Arbelaitz and Ibai Gurrutxaga
Mining texts by association rules discovery in a technical corpus , Mathieu Roche and Jérôme Azé and Oriane Matte-Tailliez and Yves Kodratoff
A Hybrid Approach to a Classification Problem , Piotr Sapiecha and Henry Selvaraj and Jarosław Stańczak and Krzysztof Sęp and Tadeusz Łuba
Confusion Matrix Visualization , Robert Susmaga
Independent Component Analysis for Filtration in Data Mining , Ryszard Szupilukand and Piotr Wojewnik and Tomasz Ząbkowski

II. Regular Sessions: Biologically Motivated Algorithms and Systems

State Assignment by Evolutionary Algorithms , Mariusz Chyży and Witold Kosiński
Coevolutionary feature construction for transformation of representation of machine learners , Krzysztof Krawiec and Leszek Włodarski
Theory of Collective Intelligence provides formal relations between Intelligence, Life, and Evolution , Tadeusz Szuba and Marcin Szpyrka
Application of evolutionary computing to conformational analysis , Aleksander Wawer and Franciszek Seredyński and Pascal Bouvry
A Novel Genetic Algorithm Based on Multi-Agent Systems , Weicai Zhong and Jing Liu and Licheng Jiao

III. Regular Sessions: Natural Language Processing

Learning reversible categorial grammars from structures , Jérôme Besombes and Jean-Yves Marion
An Approach to Computational Morphology , Janusz S. Bień
Semi-incremental Addition of Strings to a Cyclic Finite Automaton , Jan Daciuk
Semi-automatic stemmer evaluation , Leo Galambos
Development of a Pediatric Text-Corpus for Part-of-Speech Tagging , John Pestian and Łukasz Itert and Włodzisław Duch
Information Extraction for Polish Using the SProUT Platform , Jakub Piskorski and Peter Homola and Małgorzata Marciniak and Agnieszka Mykowiecka and Adam Przepiórkowski and Marcin Woliński
Towards the Design of a Syntactico-Semantic Lexicon for Polish , Adam Przepiórkowski
Automatic utterance boundaries recognition in large Polish text corpora , Michał Rudolf and Marek Świdziński
A Flexible Rule Compiler for Speech Synthesis , Wojciech Skut and Stefan Ulrich and Kathrine Hammervold
A Practical Application of Morphological Analysis of Polish , Krzysztof Szafran

IV. Regular Sessions: Web Mining, Web Technologies and Information Retrieval

On-line Thematic and Metadata Analysis of Document Collection , Mikhail Ageev and Boris Dobrov and Nikolai Makarov-Zemlyanskii
Analysis of priority and partitioning effects on web crawling performance , Ali Mohammad Zareh Bidoki and Mazeiar Salehie and Mohammad Azadnia
Dynamization in IR Systems , Leo Galambos
An Enhanced Semantic Indexing Implementation for Conceptual Information Retrieval , Eric Jiang
Towards a More Realistic Web Graph Model , Mieczysław A. Kłopotek and Marcin Sydow
Ontology As a Definition of Meaning , Marek Łabuzek
Text Categorization using Learning Vector Quantization Algorithm , M.Teresa Martín-Valdivia and Manuel García-Vega and Miguel A. García-Cumbreras and L. Alfonso Ureña López
Semantic Web Services in L2L , Marcin Okraszewski and Henryk Krawczyk
Lingo: Search Results Clustering Algorithm Based on Singular Value Decomposition , Stanisław Osiński and Jerzy Stefanowski and Dawid Weiss
Conceptual Clustering Using Lingo Algorithm: Evaluation on Open Directory Project Data , Stanisław Osiński and Dawid Weiss
What Can Be Learned from Previously Answered Questions? A Corpus-Based Approach to Question Answering , Marcin Skowron and Kenji Araki
Extensions of PageRank. The RBS Algorithm , Marcin Sydow

V. Poster Session

Visualizing large data by the SOM and GTM methods -- what are we obtaining? , Anna Bartkowiak
AntSearch --- a new search algorithm , Urszula Boryczka
Trigram morphosyntactic tagger for Polish , Łukasz Dębowski
Natural Language Processing Using Generative Indirect Dependency Grammar , Stefan Diaconescu
Automatic Text Clustering in the Polish Language , Marek Gajęcki
The impact of NLP techniques in the multilabel text classification problem , Teresa Gonçalves and Paulo Quaresma
Cluster Analysis of Named Entities , Zornitsa Kozareva and Joaquim Silva and Pablo Gamallo and Gabriel Lopes
Indexing Object Propagation in Large Systems , Dariusz Król, Artur Możdżyński
Intelligent Resources Search in Virtual Libraries , Sebastian Ryszard Kruk and Henryk Krawczyk
A syntactical analysis of anaphora in the Polsyn parser , Sławomir Kulików and Julia Romaniuk and Nina Suszczańska
Genetic Algorithm as an Attributes Selection Tool for Learning Algorithms , Halina Kwaśnicka and Piotr Orski
IBIS: A New Evolutionary Algorithm for Timetable Problem , Pawel B. Myszkowski and Halina Kwaśnicka
Tree-based Algorithm for Discovering Extended Action-Rules (System DEAR2) , Li-Shiang Tsayand and Zbigniew W. Raś and Alicja Wieczorkowska
Semantic Representation of English Phrasal Verbs , Julija Televnaja and Krista Bennett and Christian Hempelmann and Katrina E. Triezenberg
An algorithm of knowledge extraction from trained neural networks , Tadeusz Wieczorek and Sławomir Golak
Document Ontology Discovery Tool , Janusz Wnek

VI. Invited Session: Machine Learning Techniques for Computational Linguistics,
invited by Erhard Hinrichs

Rule-based and Statistical Approaches to Morpho-syntactic Tagging of German , Erhard W. Hinrichs and Julia S. Trushkina
Phonotactics in Inductive Logic Programming , John Nerbonne and Stasinos Konstantopoulos

VII. Invited Session: Knowledge Discovery
invited by Zbigniew W. Raś

A Hybrid Approach to Semantic Web Services Discovery , Salima Benbernou and Etienne Canaud and Mohand-Said Hacid and Farouk Toumani
Discovering Logical Structures in Digital Documents , Floriana Esposito and Stefano Ferilli and Teresa M.A. Basile and Nicola Di Mauro
Email Classification with Temporal Features , Svetlana Kiritchenko and Stan Matwin and Suhayya Abu-Hakima
Rule Discovery by Axes-Driven Hyperplanes Construction , Zbigniew W. Raś and Agnieszka Dardzińska and Xingzhen Liu

VIII. Invited Session: Selected issues of knowledge discovery and representation in information systems
invited by Henryk Rybiński

Scalable Methods of Discovering Rough Sets Reducts , Marzena Kryszkiewicz and Katarzyna Cichoń
Incorporation of quantitative knowledge into genetic information systems , Michał Okoniewski and Koen Van Leemput and Piotr Gawrysiak
Exchange of Knowledge and Learning in Default Reasoning Based Agent Systems , Dominik Ryzko and Henryk Rybiński

IX. Invited Session: Automatic Understanding of Medical Images and Other Signals
invited by Ryszard Tadeusiewicz

Automatic Understanding of Signals , Ryszard Tadeusiewicz
Automatic understanding of ECG signal , Piotr Augustyniak
Picture Languages in Cognitive Approach to Medical Visualization Understanding , Marek R. Ogiela
Automatic Understanding of Speech Pathology , Wiesław Wszołek and Tadeusz Wszołek

X. Invited Session: New Trends in Preprocessing and Pattern Classification
invited by Roman Świniarski

Application of Zernike Moments, Independent Component Analysis, and Rough and Fuzzy Classifier for Hand-Written Character Recognition , Roman Świniarski
Input preprocessing for neural feedforward architecture , Bartłomiej Beliczyński